Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Suitable Storage for Christmas Decorations

OK so it might not actually be twelfth night yet which is traditionally the time to take down the Christmas decorations but as most people put their Christmas trees and other decorations up very early these days, most are gone by New Year’s day. So where are you planning on storing your Christmas decorations until next year? In a slightly ripped cardboard box in the attic where they will gather dust? In a bin bag shoved into the corner of the garage? Well might we recommend something a little safer and more protective…put your Christmas decorations into a reusable plastic crate which are available to either rent or buy from us here at Easycrate.

We offer a range of different plastic crates so you’re sure to find one that’s the right size for all your ornaments, baubles and other bits and pieces. We can even provide packing materials such as bubble wrap too should you need it and not to mention labels which will help you keep everything organised to make your life easier next Christmas.

To book your crate hire, you can use our online ordering system. Alternatively contact us for a quote.

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