Thursday, 13 December 2012

5 Ways Easycrate Can Make Expos Easier

The coming months are due to see numerous expositions in all different shapes and sizes, but whatever the exposition, and the product or service you are providing, there always remains one universal issue how to get your product, and materials to and from the site of the show. 
The majority of people attending an expo will not only have their product to transport, but will also have marketing materials such as leaflets, posters and freebies, along with technical support such as computers, hand held tablets and overhead projectors that need to be transported to and from the expositions as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
For many companies who’s business activities rarely occur in such a scale or format outside of their office premises this can create a logistical nightmare. 
With numerous items of varying sizes and types, choosing the correct vehicle for the task may not be the only issue faced, in fact choosing the right way to transport the items can be equally crucial. The obvious choice for many would be cardboard boxes; but as these key points explain renting plastic crates can provide many benefits than cardboard boxes cannot. 
Durability and Flexibility: Our crates range from long meter crates to deep computer crates and we offer an array of additional items to help make them as user friendly as possible. There reinforced plastic design also means they can carry far heavier weights than cardboard boxes and are not compromised when wet. 
Security and Tracking: Particularly when at large events, it’s incredibly easy to lose track of boxes and their contents, which, when attending an expo a long way from your place of operation can be a disaster. For this reason we can provide numbered security seals to keep your crates contents protected and labels for you to list and keep track of the items inside. 
Cost Reduction: Although crates are more expensive to buy, they are incredibly cheap to rent, costing as little as a few pence a day. This is far cheaper than a single use cardboard box.
Time Saving: Due to their clever design and high manoeuvrability, our plastic crates are much faster to pack and transport than cardboard boxes. They can easily fit into a car, or be stacked in a van or lorry. We can also provide rubber topped skates or trolleys to help move the crates easily around the site. This is especially true when packing and unpacking computer hardware crucial into our specially designed computer crates that many companies often rely heavily on at expos. Check out this video to see just how fast our crates are to pack. 
Environment Awareness: Our crates are made from recycled materials and will be reused many times in their lifetime, before being recycled once again at the end of their lifecycle. This Reusable Transit Packaging (RTP) solution is much more cost effective than alternative options and also improves companies green credentials.
Most importantly, we can deliver and pick up the crates when and where you want! This means that you won’t have the hassle of finding somewhere to store the crates when not in use.
As a Country which is consistently at the forefront of technological advances replacing the single use cardboard box with plastic crates, something which is commonplace with facilities managers in the West, is the next logical step for Hong Kong. 
If you would like any further information on our plastic crate hire options please feel free to contact us and a member of our team would be happy to answer all of your questions.

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