Thursday, 28 February 2013

Take back control - Storage solutions for the masses

Hong Kong property prices are at an all time high and in this crowded environment where square footage is one of the most expensive in the world it becomes vital to make the most of the space you have – in Hong Kong more than half of private dwellings now measure less than a meagre 538 square feet! But don’t worry; this is where Easy Crate can help providing storage solutions for the masses.
Our computer Lidded Crates are ideal to store away any unused computers that are just taking up precious space. Being more durable than simple cardboard boxes, you can rest assured that your computer will be safe and sound till such a time when you have the space to bring it back to life.
Or why not utilise our large metre lidded crate, perfect for moving and storing a wide range of office and home equipment – the possibilities are endless.
To find out more about our excellent crates, boxes and packaging solutions please click here.

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